Monday, December 19, 2011


11 random facts about me ^^

  1. I’m moslem. I love Allah SWT.
  2. My name is Putri Aulia Gunawan, a simple name I think. ‘Putri Aulia’ was given by my grandma and ‘Gunawan’ was given by my dad....yeah he is Casman Gunawan.
  3. I’ve lilsist, she is Sarah.
  4. I’ve soooo~ many haters -_- idk why they hate me. I think they must buy some mirror huh.
  5. In the school I’m a star #plaak. No no no that was a joke...I just an ordinary girl.
  6. When I was child I used to be thin,beauty and innocent. BUT NOW emmm maybe you can ask my physics teacher for answer it ^^
  7. I’m kpoper. I love all fandom J but the one and the only BB in my heart is SHINee hehehe
  8. I’m in love with LEE TAEMIN <3 The reason why I still single is I can’t date him T,T
  9. My bff are Tita,Listi,Viki,Ryah,Cici and Dwi :* We’re talking all the things in school
  10. I don’t have boyfriend, so if there is a boy with a long eyelashes, a tall body and a white skin who reads this emmm wanna hang out with me when I already 17 years?
  11. Restu Annisa and Disa Nabilah. I love them...They’re my cousin XD every weekend we always together. They’re a shawol ^^

11 random questions from Aina

1.How Tall Are You ?

164 cm :p

2.What Language (s) do you speak & are fluent in?

I love my country so I speak Indonesian (?) but now I speak English and Korean hahaha just a little bit (and aren’t fluent)

3.Are You Kpop-er?(whose/what fanclub are you in?)

YAAA!!! I’m kpoper and proud to be shawol :3

4.What do you think of me and my blog ?

Hehehe I dunno you...but your blog is so nice and cute

5.Have you watched my any videos before ?(what do you think of it?)

Never,hehehe so sorry. I’ll watch it dear!

6.What's your ethnicity and religion ?

Sundanese and ISLAM J

7.Do you read a manga and watch anime?(what your fave?)

Wuaaah I realy love manga :* I collected a lot of manga like Hai Miiko,Kobochan,Mint-na bokura and doraemon

I seldom watch anime...

8.Your all time favourite blog ?

Emm My Milk Toof, SF3SI, benablog, blue sky and many more :D

9.Your all time favourite song ?

It hurt – 2ne1
Hana – SHINee
Winter rose – TVXQ
Price tag – Maddi Jane

10.What do you think of your life ?

Nothing special -_- I do all the things that really I want to do

11.Have you ever regret doing something in your life?(what is it?)

Ya. All the bad things I do, I regretted

Oh iya I have no new questions so I didn't tag to my friend *plak

Btw this is my first time using english in my blog -_-v so sorry for my bad english I didn't open my dictionary or go to google translate. SERIOUS!

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